“Healing is the most pure of spiritual
gifts. It is given without judgment
or condition because
that is the pure nature of the

Healing can help with all aspects of life that need positive input. As well as helping illness, it can give strength, peace of mind and spiritual harmony.

“You do not need to have belief - just a willingness to receive”

Healing Groups

Tareth brings powerful, loving, spiritual healing to all, regardless of belief. In the healing group, every aspect of your mind and body is given healing. Tareth will help to stimulate all your natural systems to work positively for you. You will also receive individual healing from Tareth, whatever your need. Tareth is one of our foremost healers and spiritual teachers. His energy is so powerful that it can sometimes be heard around his hands when he is healing. There is the possibility of manifestation but this cannot be guaranteed.

Alchemic Healing

I often talk about getting rid of systems and structures and this can seem like a paradox because how can I talk about this and devise one at the same time?. Well, its not as bad as it appears. The rules of teaching Alchemic healing are very simple. I can use this knowledge I have and the gifts I have been given, to initiate a process in an individual that switches on the alchemic healing, the ancient alchemic wisdom that they already have. So I am not giving you something you don't have. I am reminding you of how to use it.
Alchemic healing in this form is a restructuring of old wisdom with the new vibrations that are part of our evolution for this time. The wisdom and the knowledge in it are universal and have always been there. They underpin the foundations of all spiritual teaching. When all doctrines are stripped away we come back to this utterly profound knowledge that is built into the consciousness of the planet. Each era characterised by a different energy and Alchemic Healing needed to combine existing wisdom with an appropriate way of using it in this era in which we now live.


Individual appointments with Tareth

Tareth does sometimes see individuals, please phone:  01458 833929  or email: Tareth here

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