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Video of Tareth manifesting oil on the T.V. program
'Desperately Seeking Something'


A sign of being a Source messenger has always been the ability to perform what are called miracles. A miracle is something that appears to contravene the normal laws of nature. With the blessing of the Source, I show show these signs when it is appropriate. During some meditations, perfumed oil appears on my hands and is shared. Crystals sometimes 'sing' and have even appeared, as if from nowhere.

These events are always surrendered to the Source. I do not seek them or expect them. They are capable of transforming peoples minds and bringing them very close to their own spiritual nature. They are not, however, the key to enlightenment, but rather a bridge that helps some people to overcome doubt. More than that, they are sign that we are never alone. Such a 'miracle' is Alchemy, therefore it is real magic. It is just a step. The real miracle is when the individual awakens to his or her power to transform perception. Any miracle that I perform - potentially you can also.

Even miracles have been fragmented and put into boxes by different theologies. Lets take a little story. A messenger from the Source comes into a society and starts to teach the idea of a Kingdom of Heaven within. The messenger heals people and even performs miracles. The messenger is an alchemist. Eventually this incarnation dies and those who are left behind have that wisdom for themselves and thus the opportunity to grow and to share it with others.
Over time however, some whose motive is more to do with secular power (which has often been wrapped in religious paper) start to put out the message that this messenger is the only true God and that all other ways are false. Therefore, if anyone from outside this belief demonstrates the power of miracles, it has, in some way to be painted as not from the true God. This can be done very simply with the use of language. So "Our God is the one true God and performed miracles. Your prophet is a magician, dabbling in the occult." This is simply propaganda. It is all magic, all miraculous, and it belongs to everyone.

I once asked the Source why the most common miracle for me was perfumed oil. The answer was very simple - because it mostly disappears and cannot be kept, revered, worshipped or held onto.

I consider that my work for the Source must be first to serve the purpose of healing whenever I am called to do it. Healing is a true reflection of the nature of the Source if it is practised in the correct way, because ultimately, no matter the system of healing, it is an unconditional offering of yourself to be a vessel for the spiritual power that comes through you. Those who come for healing should be able to come free of any agenda or any need to understand what the healer is teaching. They don't even need to believe it. If it is a persons time to know, it will happen spontaneously.